Velodes® Gel Alcohol Solution (70%) for Hygenic Hand Disinfection (5x Bottle ValuePack) + one empty bottle with pump

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Pleasantly scented powerful disinfectant.

70% strong mixture of ethanol and isopropyl alcohol in a soft gel form. Disinfects your hands within just 30 seconds.

Dries quickly, lightly perfumed – leaves your palms clean, with a refreshing scent.

It has a test-confirmed bactericidal, tuberculocidal, yeasticidal, limited virucidal spectrum (against rotavirus, norovirus), and an enveloped viruseliminating spectrum (including Vaccinia, HIV, HBV, & HCV). Dermatologically tested.

Expiry Date: 31.01.2022

Made in Poland, manufactured by Medisept, a chemical company specializing in disinfection for both personal and medical use in clinics and hospitals.

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500ml / 16.91oz.

Composition per 100g:

Ethanol: 63.7g
Propan-2-ol: 6.3g


Bacteria: 30 sec.
HIV, HBV, HCV, Vaccinia: 30-60 sec.
Tuberculocidal: 30 sec.
BVDV Virus: 30 sec.
Rotavirus: 30-60 sec.
Norovirus: 30 sec.
Candida Albicans: 15 sec.

Hygenic Hand Disinfection

2x 3 ml of the product to be rubbed in hands for 30 seconds.


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