Schülke Desderman® Care Alcohol Liquid (83.7%) for Hygenic & Surgical Hand Disinfection (5x Bottle ValuePack) + one pump


Five-bottle Value Pack + one pump.

Surgical disinfection meets soothing hand care.

The most powerful product in our offer. Hospital grade, alcohol-based liquid, designed for thorough hygenic & surgical hand disinfection for personal and professional use.

But it takes care not only of your safety from harmful germs, bacteria and viruses. Addition of Panthenol and Vitamin E helps to moisturize your hands and prevent dryness resulting from frequent use of disinfectants and sanitizers.

It’s the ultimate product to keep you protected. Very high alcohol content (83.7%) means you need to use less of it than other products to achieve similar results (e.g. hygenic disinfection with just 3ml instead of 6ml for other disinfectants).

Expiry Date: 07.2022

Made in Germany by Schülke, an expert personal and professional hygiene company of 131 years.

Delivery Time in Singapore: 1-3 working days.


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500ml / 16.91oz.


Ethanol 83.7%


Modified Vaccinia Ankara virus: 15 sec.
Limited spectrum virucidal activity: 15 sec.
Norovirus: 15 sec.
Virucidal: 30 sec.
Poliovirus: 30 sec.
Rotavirus: 15 sec.
Adenovirus (type 5): 15 sec.

Hygenic Hand Disinfection

Rub 3 ml for at least 30 sec into dry hands.

Surgical Hand Disinfection

Rub 2×5 ml for at least 90 sec into dry hands and forearms.


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